Sunday, November 06, 2005

Watchpoint 06-11-2005

Members only watchpoint 06-11-2005
Sunday 6th November 2005
1440 - 1630hr (DCB, JS)
Weather and Sky:
An improving afternoon after an atrocious morning of strong SSW wind and lashing rain. Wind:WSW F3, Temp: 9. Visibility: 30km max, Cloud: a mixture of cumulus sp, fractus, altostratus and various cirrus. Pressure: rising since late morning with 1007hpa @ 1440hr and 1008 by 1650hr.

Good to be out in the improving weather but as expected few moving birds to be seen. Most notable were a small total of 22 Woodpigeon passing, all going south-east in four groups and Common Gulls moving strongly, assumed to the next roost up the line, with a total of 145 north-west.

Woodpigeon 22 > SE
Common Gull 145 > NW
Meadow Pipit 3 > W
Lesser black backed Gull 1 > SW
Fieldfare 110 > W
Starling movement east and south-east all assumed to roost?

Total: 281 individuals, 5 species, 1:50 hours



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