Sunday, October 30, 2005


Hi Martyn

Yes I agree entirely about the Caldene Fields watchpoint description and the same applies at our watchpoint, even now sometimes the reports give the impression that all of the birds we report pass over the reservoir and this is very far from the truth as some birds are more than a mile away! with many of the geese and other obvious sp being even further away. The further you can see, the more birds you will see and if the number of observers is doubled, again the number sen and counted will increase. Lots and lots get away unfortunately as some of the distant stuff is never id'd or alternativly the closer stuff takes up all the attention.



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Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2005 10:41 AM

Subject: Caldene Fields renamed

Hi David

When I conducted Vis Mig over Caldene Fields a number of years ago I always counted birds that moved directly over the fields as this was my local patch. Birds that flew on the same flight path but not over the fields were never noted or counted.

However after reading your Vis Mig pages I noted that you stated ' Identify and count all of the moving birds you see or hear at any distance ' well since early October I have decided to do just that !

Mainly because I have always noted that the shallow valley that runs apparel to Caldene Fields from SE through to NW always produced the same birds on passage as CFs i.e. a thrush movement would produce birds directly over Fields and adjacent area on a broader front.

My whole point to this a-mail David is I am now renaming Caldene Fields ( for Vis Mig ) as Caldene Fields Watchpoint. This is because I don't want to wrongly give the impression that all the sighting are directly over CFs.

This decision is better all round as one I can now give better coverage over Odsal to the N, Bierley to the E and Oakenshaw and Scholes to the SS/E and it is more rewarding and exciting !!

All the Best David


Sunday sightings to follow