Monday, December 26, 2005

Watchpoint 26-12-2005 eve

Members only watchpoint
Monday 26th December 2005
Boxing Day.
1520 - 1630hr (DCB)
Weather and Sky:
An improving late afternoon after a very heavy shower, rain, sleet and then briefly snow on its back edge, passing over to the west. Wind: NNE F3. Temp: initially +2 falling to +0.5. Precipitation: rain, sleet and snow ceasing, with bitterly cold wind and opening sky. Visibility: 25km. Cloud: 8ok > 2ok, stratus to cu fractus, very little colour in sunset beyond retreating deep cloud. Pressure: falling slowly over last 24hr with 1020hpa by1545hr.

Masses of gulls, very uneasy and continually dreading (see and enlarge photograph), with many still entering the roost on low approach out of the darkness up to and after my departure. Again a good proportion of Common Gulls present. A single Pied Wagtail dropped in briefly before going on presumably to roost to the south-east. Wildfowl as usual. No moving birds noted moving on.


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