Sunday, June 10, 2007

What to watch for in June!

Not a good month!! but, please get out and see whats on the move during the rest of June - specifically keep an eye out for the following common movers in the open skies over Bradford. Evenings can be as good as the mornings for some species.

Swifts going in to the wind. Non breeding and younger birds with no ties. Can be lots and lots especially related to various types of humid weather. I will post more info if anyone wants it. Colonies can also evacuate temporarily as the season progresses due to adverse weather
Canada Geese > East / NE
Curlews > West - singles and small groups
Lapwings > W and NW - singles and small groups
Starlings > Many dispursing - not to be confused with movements to and from the roosts - some evidence from the watchpoint here of northerly? dispursal of juvs.
Oystercatchers > West from the end of the month.



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