Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oxenhope 19-07-2007

Calm to SE F2, 60km, 19degC, 4ok.

A Flex day today so made the most of it whilst I could!!

Lots of Swallows comming up the vallies from the north. Those that could be seen suggested that they were mainly juveniles. Comming in at all levels (low and high) before congregating and forming parties that would then move off south. Terriffic amount of insect life in the slack conditions that prevailed - no shortage of food here despite the wet weather over the last two months. Two pairs of Swallows appeared to be nesting in one of the delapidated sheds with the adults making the most of the abysmal, biting insect soup. At on time Rods scope as well as us were surrounded and covered in minute pulsating masses of flies, the worst I have ever seen them and even now (1610hrs) my hands and face are covered in bright red blotches........ Not a single Swift to be seen despite constant scoping and binning the distant horizon.

Moving Birds:
Swallow 265 > S
Linnet 10 > NW

Gulls...masses on the water



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