Friday, July 06, 2007

Swifts in early July

Hi Brian,
Yes, the swifts will be disappearing soon. With all this bad weather they must be having a hard time finding feeding areas without evacuating “as they do” to skirt the depressions. They must be getting sick of everything this year. The current report on Calderdale Birds of 100+ over Fly Flatts, as well as ours tends to suggest they are on the move for one reason or another and just who’s birds they are and how far they have come on these weather moves would be interesting to know. .


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Like you Dave I had Swifts moving over Queensbury mainly at lunch time all SW .If this weather doesnt change soon the Swifts will have gone before we can start watching. Looking back at my previous vis mig records, when I started watching on the 1st August I only had a scattering on Swifts as the bulk of them had gone in July.



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