Sunday, October 07, 2007

Oxenhope Watchpoint 07-10-2007

Sunrise This Morning (c) 2007

Almost Cloudless.... looking east (c) 2007

0700 - 1000hr (Dave Barker / Howard Creber)
W F1 rising W F2, 4.4degC rising 14, 6km max haze, 1/8 increasing 4/8 cirrostratus, Dry, QNH 1023 falling.

A poor morning with only the post sunrise rush today, with almost all bird movement drying up by c0830hr. Unlike Friday there was no visible continuing unidentifiable movement at upper levels after 0830hr. Mipit movement again very few and far between (vast fluxuation over the last few days) and again suggesting a downward trend. Interesting were two very high flocks of Jackdaws both in compact groups continuing at great height west out over the open moor until lost from view. Also Woodpigeons showed the first real sign of determined movement with small groups going over south and east all morning. A Starling high up going south was heard on several occasions to do a good mimic of a migrating Skylark as it passed high over head. The Jackdaws described above and a total of four Blue Tits west were the best birds of the day. A Willow Warbler was heard singing from the wood.

Moving Birds:
Chaffinch 18 > S
Woodpigeon 60 > S and E
Meadow Pipit 202 > S
Linnet 2 > S
Redwing 52 > W
Reed Bunting 9 > W
Peregrine 1 > W
alba wagtail 27 > S
Starling 9 > S and W
Siskin 3 groups heard today estimate 15 > E
Redpoll 3 > W
Fieldfare 9 > S and SE
Jay 3 > high S
Wheatear 3
Jackdaw 58 > W and SW
Cormorant 2 > SE incl one whitebelly
Goosander 1 > N
Skylark 4 > W
Blue Tit 4 > W
Lapwing 14 > W

Willow Warbler 1 singing.


Haze and Cirrostratus.... looking NW (c) 2007


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