Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Re: [vismig] ALERT! - Wood Pigeon

Agree Tom, it could be similar up here Tuesday as well. Unfortunately our watchpoint at Oxenhope will not be manned now until Wednesday so we might miss em. Clear skies and frost forecast overnight for here but just been out for my evening walk and it is currently overcast with some drizzle!! and Redwings are going over low! So hopefully they wont get the forecast for the morning wrong?


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Classic conditions for Wood Pigoen movement tomorrow down here inDorset. Interesting today, E Devon (Seaton, Dawlish - record numbers) did farbetter than Dorset. In E. Devon, birds were going W crossing Lyme Bay heading out to Berry Head. In E. Dorset at West Bay birds were mainly going E to Portland departure point. West Bay is mid point of Lyme Bay, so birds from the north could go either way to funnel south.



Blogger AndyC said...

Had at least 700 Woodpigeon this morning over Northowram heading west sout west from 07.30 - 09.00.The largest group of 127 and the smallest 6 most about 50/60.Neat few days look excellent for large influx.

October 30, 2007 12:59 pm  
Blogger Dave B said...

Great Stuff Andy and yes the UK woodies have certainly been on the move today (Tuesday 30th Oct). In addition to Martyn Priestleys 1579 > S over Caldene Fields there have been big counts from various places in the UK this morning together with very vivid descriptions of the event. Here are some of the numbers and directions:

Sharpenhoe Clappers 5439 > W

Rawmarsh, Rotherham 3045 > S

Croydon Hill 1367 > SW

Sandy Pinnacle 2411 > S

All down the east side of the country.


West Bay Dorset 7870 > W

On the south coast.

Please do let me know if you do get more in the next few days Andy.


October 30, 2007 7:33 pm  
Blogger Dave B said...

Hi again Andy, I keep on receiving reports of this mornings Woodies, this one from Lintrathen, Angus, Scotland

Wood Pigeon 2,861 > WSW


October 30, 2007 7:43 pm  
Blogger Dave B said...

Fairly big day all along Devon/Dorset coast, though relatively few at traditionally the best site - Christchurch. Maybe cloud?

Error, should read

Counts from east to west included
4500 Christchurch (cloudy)
9000 Durlston (clear, sunny)
11,000 Portland (clear, sunny)
11,000 West Bexington (clear, sunny)
8,000 West Bay (clear, sunny)
20,000+ (West Bay/West Bexington combined due to different recording times)
23,000 Seaton (clear, sunny)
31,000 Dawlish (clear, sunny)

Tom Brereton

October 30, 2007 8:35 pm  

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