Saturday, October 27, 2007

Caldene Fields Watchpoint 27-10-2007

Caldene Fields Watchpoint, Low Moor.


27th   of October 07 07.30 – 09.00am

Weather: A dry dull morning with 100% low thick cloud clearing to 70% to the S/E around 08.00.  F2 S/W wind with a temp of 8c giving poor visibility to 1 mile.


Comments: A fairly poor morning with few birds about. No thrush movements.  The highlight of the watch was a single party of 300 Starling N/W at around 08.10 in a line a quarter of a mile wide.  Greenfinch was also moving this morning.


Black Headed Gull >43 S/S/W

Alba Wagtail >  4S + 13N/W

Redwing > 31S/S/W

Starling > 401 N/W

Chaffinch > 4S/W

Greenfinch > 51 W/N/W
Martyn Priestley


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