Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fly Flatts 07-09-2008

1800 - 1900hrs

Arrived just as a huge downpower began to abate. Very evil looking black clouds took up an almost stationary position over Calderdale - Hebden Bridge and Todmorden would have had a real soaking. Clear out to the three peaks which were in sunshine. Dead calm at Fly Flatts - res was like a mill pond - the silence was deafening !


Good movement of mipits :-

189 with largest single group being 54 birds. Bulk were moving East with odd one`s North - seemingly influenced by the rather strange weather conditions.

Also 8 Swallows very high East.


Kestrel - 1
Red Grouse - 2
Carrion Crow - 5

Howard Creber


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