Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Soil Hill 22/23-09-2008

Soil Hill (c) 2008

Yesterdays Vis Mig for Soil Hill : -

Soil Hill - 22 September 2008 6.50am - 8.00am
Light wind from the North. Visibility poor 3km (I could just see DB at his watchpoint) decreasing down to 50m in the fog.
As can be expected, in the deteriorating conditions, the number of birds migrating were few. I was picking birds up in the gloom by call and the only moving birds were 25 Meadow Pipit mainly South (but a few were heading North) and 1 Alba SE. Other local birds were 4 Skylark, 10+ Linnet and 3 Stock Dove. Eventually gave up at 8am, got slightly lost in the fog on the walk back and went home for a brew.

And today's Vis Mig for Soil Hill: -

Soil Hill - 23 September 2008 7.10am - 9.00am
F3-4 wind from the North. Visibility good 50km (I could see Ingleborough).
Much better conditions than yesterday but feeling cold in the wind. Birds passing mainly to the North and East of Soil Hill with approx 20% actually overhead. Only meadow pipits were moving SW through SE in small groups up to 10 birds. Total number of moving Meadow Pipits was 130. A Hobby was spotted at 8.20am to the north of the hill at about 200m distant, chasing a Meadow Pipit (it got away!). 2 Starling were also seen heading south. Other local birds were 6 Grey Partridge, 20 Meadow Pipit, 8 Goldfinch, 1 Kestrel, 1 Wren and 2 Skylark.

CJK on Soil this morning.....eyes to the sky..... spot that jiz! (c) 2008

Your Mipit counts suggest that its worth sticking with the Hill Chris, as and when the vis conditions improve! You got more mipits than us this morning..... agree it was feeling very very cold in the N / NE wind!



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