Saturday, October 11, 2008

Caldene Fields Watchpoint 11-10-2008

Caldene Fields, Low Moor, Bradford.

11th October 08 Watch 7.15 – 09.30
Weather: A damp overcast mild start to the morning with a F1/2 S/S/W. 80% heavy cloud with clearer skies to the S/E with intermittent fine drizzle. These conditions remained throughout the watch. Visibility to 8 miles and a Temp of 10c

Comments: An OK morning with no real large movements noted. Greenfinch were moving again and the first moving Lapwing were noted today.

Wood Pigeon Observations
Today there was a small genuine movement of Woodies to the south, however, what I found interesting was that many other Woodies were getting into what I call the ‘ pre movement state ‘
What I mean by this is many birds would be observed over the farmlands of Bierley and Drighlington etc but in loose flocks which were twisting and turn first flying south but then suddenly changing direction to the east, then west before dropping down to feed. This behaviour happened numerous times during the watch and these birds were not counted. Whereas when birds are genuinely moving there flight is steady and with purpose. As we know temperature play a big part in the dispersal of Woodies and I believe birds are coming into the ‘ pre movement state ‘ and today’s temp of 10c was too high and if the temp drops this week to below 5c we could see the first wave of Woodies moving south.

Black Headed Gull > 60 S/S/W
Wood Pigeon > 77 S
Lapwing > 8N
Meadow Pipit > 7S
Alba Wagtail > 12S + 2 N =14
Starling > 51 S/W
Mistle Thrush > 10 N/W + 1 S/W
Redwing > 13 S/W +4N =17
Collard Dove >1 S/W
Carrion Crow > 6S/S/W
Chaffinch > 13S/W + 1N/W=14
Greenfinch > 48S/W + 4 N = 52
Goldfinch > 11S/W + 2 N/W =13
Siskin > 3 S

Martyn Priestley


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