Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oxenhope 29-10-2008

Red Ball Sunrise today!.... looking good (c) HC 2008

OH NO!!!.... Here comes the thick stuff!! (c) HC 2008

Brief Window before second cloud bank rolls in!! (c) HC 2008

Oxenhope watchpoint 0700 - 0945hr HC
Sentry Hill 0950 - 1040hr HC
W F1 rising F2/3, -1degC rising slowly, 300m - 65km, 1/8 increasing 8/8 cirrostratus from the west, QNH 1010 falling.

A red ball sunrise with visibility out to Drax - deep haze beyond.NW F3. A very cold morning with puddles on embankment frozen throughout. From clear skies, was suddenly enveloped by freezing upslope stratus at 08.00 hrs and lights were out till 08.45 hrs. A clear window appeared for 10 minutes and was then fogged off once again.Departed to Sentry Hill (400 yards away) where much clearer - the stratus was clinging to the reservoir like a magnet !

Birdwise, a much quieter morning compared to yesterday..... No / limited visibility!! Will be interesting to see how Martyn got on today after yesterdays Woodpigeon Tsunami.

Birds in order of appearance :-

Woodpigeons - 116 in 9 groups all W
Alba wag - 1 W
Starling - 64 NW in 5 groups
Chaffinch 4 S
Greenfinch - 5 S
Reed Bunting - 1 W
Golden Plover - 4 NW
Redpoll - 2 NW
Redwings - 6 NW (at 09.20)
Fieldfare - 82 NW (in one flock from Sentry Hill - again silent)
Goldfinch - 1 S

Howard Creber

FOGGED OFF !!!!! (c) HC 2008


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