Saturday, October 18, 2008

THRUSH INVASION Queensbury 18-10-2008

18/10/2008 0715-0930hrs
Casual observations walking to and at work only.
Walking down Chapel Lane this morning Redwings were skimming low over the top of the buildings all moving either > N, NW,and W. This heavy movement continued whilst watching as much as I could at work but many were missed with thoughtless customers bringing their cars for mending.

All the Redwings were low, several coming out of the trees down Queensbury Station, but the Fieldfares that passed were very high up in the blue sky, these were all moving >W.
By 0945hrs the tap was turned off and all was quiet.

Linda at home said large flocks were moving >W over Foxhill Park.

REDWING...................... c 900



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