Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Caldene Fields, Low Moor.... 27-10-2009

Caldene Fields S Bradford

27th of October 2009 Watch 06.45 – 07.45
Weather: Damp with a temp of 9c and a E/S/E F1 wind. 100% thick low cloud and fog giving visibility from quater mile to 75 metres.

Comments: Today I wanted to ask a question. Would any migrating species carry on their journey in extremely poor visibility ?

The answer was yes only 1 species the Alba wagtail Sp. I watched for 1 hour and recorded anything I heard or saw. And the Alba's seemed unaffected the moved like normal in the main from half light for about 25 minutes. Also like on the 22/10 when visibility was poor the birds moved E. The increased count consisted of small parties which could be seen, other single calls were counted as one but these also may have been in small parties thus the final figure count could well have been higher.

All birds seen or heard

BH Gull > 16 E very low
Alba Wagtail > 8 S + 23 E = 31 Low and high
Wood Pigeon > 1 N low
Redwing > 2 calls
Greenfinch > 2 calls probably S/W
Chaffinch > 1 call
C Crow > 1 W low +
Magpie > 1 W low local bird

Grounded birds 2 Fieldfare, 1 Redwing and 1 Common Snipe

Martyn Priestley


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