Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wycoller Ark... a total fog out! 24-10-2009

Wycoller Ark, Trawden (Lancashire, England)
Saturday 24 October 2009
Counting period: 7:45-9:15
Weather: ESE F4/5, 10degC, 60m, 8/8 fog stratus down to ground level, QNH 1004 falling 1002
Observers: Howard Creber

Totals: 0 individuals, 0 species, 1:30 hours

Comments: Wycoller Ark and Wycoller Park...... MOVING BIRDS - NIL..... Groung level Fog Stratus at the Wycoller Ark watchpoint caused me to try over t`hill at the Wycoller Park parking area as the fog was thick on the Yorkshire side. Much clearer here with Colne in view, but drizzle steadily got heavier. No birds at all. The only flying things were autumnal leaves in the strengthening wind and the only activity noted there was unmentionable.... what at 0745 in the morning!!

Howard Creber


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