Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rombalds Moor... 28-10-2009

Whilst visiting my survey plot again between 09.30 and 11.15, three flocks of Fieldfare passed by totalling 172 birds, a flock of 23 Woodpigeon also seen.
Of the 9 Snipe recorded, 5 were flushed on a plateau next to the Hill and I believe not to be "our" birds. This is because that particular spot is not wet but dry grass with a few thistles and the birds were probably resting on migration. The other 4 Snipe were all flushed where you would expect them, ie damp with rushes and cover.
If you want to put this on your blog, please remove the name of the farmer and indicate it is on private land near to the Hill.

Today has made me determined to try next year, some vis - mig close to Reva Reservoir to see what turns up. This Saturday will be my last effort at Nab End.


Shaun Radcliffe


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