Monday, December 28, 2009

Vis Watchpoint Skype Network

Things seem to be taking off with several local and also none local vis watchpoints now having a mobile Skype link... thus enableing FREE voice over internet communications using mobile phone for discussion, early warning and comparison between the watchpoints whilst in the field for prolonged periods. This will take the place of local walki-talki radio links. The new breed of mobile internet phones available from certain manufacturers / networks support Skype and some even come pre installed with it and are thus totally compatible. When upgrading to mobile internet phone....and if you have a Group watchpoint and want to join the network do make sure that what you are purchasing is compatible and preferably with Skype pre installed. I always thought that mobile internet phones would be both expensive and difficult to set up but in realality neither was the case..... In the field email alerts, web access to check the weather, radar, satellite and obtain VisMig mail.... together with lots lots more, all encapsulated in your mobile phone both enhance your safety and add to enjoyment. You can even post alert mails to the vis Group or your blog or even your Group website if they support it and all for essentially very little / no cost if you go the right way. Time to keep up and to make the jump, if you havent already and all prior to the increase in VAT. To try it out on your PC and "feel" the quality there is a free download which is terrific and allows even more PC to mobile / PC to PC voice over internet communication possibilities... not to be missed!



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