Sunday, February 21, 2010

Contrail Vis... AirNav Radarbox... test 20-02-2010

Polar Diagramme.... Oxenhope Coverage (c) 2010

For AirNav RadarBox freaks and those into contrail photography an experiment today....

This afternoon was phenominal, in probing the skies!... all part of the holistic interest. The coverage is magnificant from above the watchpoint... just as it would be from anywhere with a good outlook high in the Pennines... from Scotland up to the the northern Isles, across to the western Isles into northern Ireland, south down the Irish coast across into central Wales... down into France... round the Channel and just into the Low Countries, then back from north Holland and back up to the northern Isles..... on some occasions at one time I was self tracking upto 106 aircraft.... and Saturday afternoon is a very quiet time in the skies!! generally the tally at any one time did not fall below c85... Lots of new airlines / crafts but dident scope in the skies for anything today as you could both see them on the radar and hear them over head at the same time... confirming that the coordiantes now in the software are set up, correct and ready for next time!... nothing exceptional came over.

Here is a screen shot of the impressive polar diagramme of coverage from up there... and was generated in just c 2.5hrs 1415 - 1645hr . All in all in that period I self tracked and logged a diverse selection of c 450 aircraft over the whole of the coverage area...




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