Sunday, February 07, 2010

Oxenhope... yet more and more fog! 07-02-2010

Sterile in-bye through the Mist (c) 2010

The Plantation beyond the Mire (c) 2010

The Plantation again (c) 2010

Water Water Everywhere! (c) 2010

Windblown Pack ice at the N end (c) 2010

0830 - 1030hr
Calm variable, N F1, 1degC, 2000m mist reducing 60m deep fog stratus, ice pellets and drizzle after 0950hr, QNH 1025 rising.
A morning, clear initially, of expectation?... after yesterdays pink movements further south... but yet again thick fog developing on the tops up here in the north. Nothing seen moving in the sky at all. In-bye and plantation sterile, with just great and Blue Tits, Chaffinch and Robin in the wood. Another foggy day was a big let down and to make it worse rain aftyer 0950 interspursed with hard ice pellets.
Just two km further south at Ogden Reservoir this afternoon, an overlapping mix of pinkfoot skeins totalling at least 150 passed north over the western end at c1345hr.... all at relatively low level.... most probably because of the fogs higher up!
Chris King
These would no doubt on that trajectory have passed right over Oxenhope watchpoint.
Great Stuff Chris, they were expected and it would have been very sad if we had missed out totally owing to the visibility. Agree they would have been trying to sneak below the fogs. Dave


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