Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oxenhope.... lots of taste but no flava! 24-04-2010

Wheatear... another fall!... (c) 2010

Green Hairstreak..... (c) 2010

CALM / SSE F3, 9degC, 10km deep haze, 1/8 cirro sp + many persistant contrails, QNH 1017 rising.
0750 - 1140hr

Flat camera batteries from last time dictated a late start!.... bahh... in fact JB was ringing me from Stainburn before I was out to tell of the chats and flavas on the move over there.... so I probably missed much of the more interesting early stuff? However once on the moor a steady but diverse morning was in swing. Another obvious Wheatear fall was immediately apparent with birds moving off and flitting through NW... Willow Warblers were everywhere, even in the heather on the open moor, again an obvious fall. Mipits were hard work but were moving in the background throughout the visit so the chances are that by missing the early surge this count is a dramatic under record for the morning. A Rose ringed Parakeet, the star of the morning was out of place as it flew east over the in-bye calling. Swallows were still passing through and two well spaced high Swifts, the first of the spring here brightened up the late morning period. Several Sand and also House Martins passed over as well. LBB Gulls some in considerable party's were kowking high up as they thermalled through although some were in direct flight and others were so high they could not all be detected in the open haze shrouded skies. A single Common Gull was heard yic-ing several times moving SE high up but this could not be located. A single flock of Goldies went very high NW and more were heard on several occasions but could not be located.... Good to see the contrails back this morning and finding them exceptionally persistant today! Also several Green Hairstreaks were in their usual places. All in all a brilliant morning out!
Moving Birds:
Wheatear 14 > NW
Willow Warbler 25 fall
Meadow Pipit 57 > N
Rose ringed Parakeet 1 > E
Swallow 23 > N
Swift 2 > N
House Martin 3 > W
Sand Martin 6 > NE
LBB Gull 136 > NW
BH Gull 3 > SE
Common Gull 1 > SE
Jay 1 > NE
Carrion Crow 4 > N
Golden Plover 51 > NW
alba wagtail 1 > NW

An OOF Failure!!... (c) 2010



Blogger Brian Sumner said...

A great morning there Dave, nearly like autumn. Good Buzzard photos and as you say, always sad to come across a handsome bird like that wiped out.
Like your title.

April 24, 2010 7:03 pm  
Blogger Dave Barker said...

Just wish more spring mornings could be like this on Brian, just nice to get into double figures for here!

April 25, 2010 2:23 pm  

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