Friday, April 01, 2011

Oxenhope... oystercatcher confirmed! 31-03-2011

Oystercatcher... breeding confirmed.... two images (c) 2011


Strong winds from the west and essentially empty skies.... most things well down. Curlews, the exception, feeding on the moor field, grass moor and around the in-byes with frequent quartering. Lapwings in sentinal positions and at least 20 Golden Plovers in the pack on the moor field as usual trying to pretend they wernt there! In the short time the pack was under observation, a single left to drop on the moor away to the west. Carrions still watching and waiting for the chance, I wish they would go away, they tell of doom!! Ten Goosanders and a few Goldeneyes were all of importance that was noted on the water. Oystercatchers confirmed again and at one of the usual sites.... Sorry to have to disturb folks with the necessary graphic detail. Moorhens on the in-bye pools, as usual keeping a low profile as were a few canadas and mallard. A few LBB Gulls went NW.



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