Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oxenhope.... mip skip gets going!... 2011-09-14

 Sunrise.... orr the Dukes... (c) 2011
 Post Sunrise.... Seacroft.... (c) 2011
 The Eastern Plain.... crepuscular rays!.... (c) 2011
First Sun.... (c) H Creber 2011

W F5/6, 7ok, 10degC. 60km reducing quickly, QNH 1010 rising 1014
0630 - 1030hr

Showers overnight, broken to scattered with rising temperature and QNH rising quickly throughout. Red ball sunrise through open sky to far east with better condition over that way to start with but degenerating as the western weather advanced that way. Wind speed increasing throughout brought a general improvement of mip rate, poor to start with and in small numbers to increased frequency in much larger parties before mid morning. Mostly all high through skip but all hard and fast due south south east.... a sign of things to come!!! possibly soon? Very little of anything else though. A single group of Redpoll over the village were interesting...

Mipit 848 > SSE mostly in the last part of the count
Swallow 62 > S
Kestrel 1 . S
LBB Gull 12
Golden Plover 5 > W
alba 4 > S
Starling 2 > W
Redpoll 16

Dave, Howard and Lester


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