Sunday, November 13, 2011

fog banks roll!... 2011-11-10

 Fog down below and on approach!.... (c) Lester Ward 2011
 Wall of fog rolls in.... (c)2011
 Wall of fog rolls in.... (c) 2011
 Almost upon us... the last few moments of visibility!... (c) 2011
 Gloom at mid day!.... (c) 2011
Gloom at mid day!... (c) 2011

Oxenhope, Bradford (W Yorks, England)
Thursday 10 November 2011
Counting period: 7:15-14:25
Weather: wind East1, cloud-cover 8/8, temperature 9 ℃, E F1, CALM, E F2, 9ok, 9degC, fog banks rolling in and out, 100m - 19km variable, QNH 1017 rising 1018
Observers: Dave Barker, Lester Ward

Cormorant 1 -
Chaffinch 3 -
Merlin 1 -
finch sp. 4 -
Dunnock 1 -
Greenfinch 1 -
Fieldfare 90 -
Siskin 1 -
Starling - 10
Crossbill 1 -

Totals: 113 individuals, 10 species, 7:10 hours

Comments: First half hour produced all of the few birds there were except for the merlin and comorant which came through after lunch. Tremendous rolling fog banks spoilt the mid/last part of the morning but before lunch the sky was open again but calm and absolutely void of any passerine movement. HC picked up c 75 Starling on the usual track NW at one of our lower watchpoints but hardy any up here.



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