Saturday, March 26, 2005

Cold Edge Dams 26-03-2005

Cold Edge Dams 26-03-2005
Thanks for that Brian. My report will follow shortly. You had considerably more mips than me this morning and I think we may find as we said that your site is better placed for catching the spring movements than mine.

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0730-1015 hrs
A dull morning with low cloud to the north and mist in the valley to the south. A cool ENE wind F2-3 increased to 4 by mid morning with a little sunshine. At 1000 Dave called me from TM to say I was about to be engulfed in fog rising from the valleys to the N, and how right he was. As 15 mins later I was struggling to find my way back to the car.

Meadow Pipit 103 > N
Reed Bunting 2 > N
Skylark 3 > N
alba Wag 5 > N

1pr Stonechat
4 Heron
2pr Tufted


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