Sunday, March 13, 2005

The privilege to comment

Hi Theo,
Thanks for that Theo. I diddnt really intend that this should be a forum as that facility exists elsewhere……. But I will as you suggest turn on the "comments" feature as a trial, as, as you know I quite enjoy that sort of stuff and feedback is of great interest especially if it adds to our knowledge, gets others interested or promotes the interest. I have seen previously "happy" bird clubs split asunder by the cold light of and assassination by the web forum and I would not wish this to happen here!! Please everyone keep to topic [visible migration and things associated]. If this, or any abuse occurs the "comments" privilege will be immediately and unconditionally withdrawn.

These pages are intended for local consumption but please everyone participate. The more feedback the better and if you can add any vis sightings or general / specific information from elsewhere, as comments appended to the appropriate day reports, from any location (Bradford or elsewhere), to help us appreciate, these will be very, very welcome!!

Yes Theo, good idea, I can see there is much scope here to get a much better picture of what goes on with the vis, day by day, to add to and support what the movements we get here in Bradford.

Best wishes,

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From: Theo
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Looks really good Dave.

Any chance you could turn the 'Comments' feature on in the Blogger software then we can add comments.


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Subject: [vismig] New Bradford OG vis pages

The new link to the Bradford Ornithological Group vis report pages is at the moment:

but nothing new at the moment.

The new website is currently being developed and will be ready very soon!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad to have to comment on your own mails but just trying out how the system works.


March 14, 2005 1:08 pm  
Anonymous Dave Barker said...

Sad to have to comment on your own mails but just trying out how the system works. Its new to me again - a fine job Paul and thanks again to Theo.


March 14, 2005 1:10 pm  

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