Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Swifts still going east!

Swifts still going east!
Last night (tues 28-06-2005) we got the thunderstorms starting at c2130, with much thunder growling round, to come again about 2315hr (sky still clear and rosy with the long set sun to the very far north) and yet again sometime over night.

This morning at c0650hr – first breath of air, I couldn’t help noticing immediately that the Swifts were still going east very strongly, with many low and skimming over the rooftops – not much time for the high stuff I’m afraid but I did look and it was there as well!!
Weather and Sky @ c0650hr: Wind: ENE F3. Temp: 12 dp 11. Visibility: variable. Cloud: 8ok. Pressure: 1010 and still falling.

But now, here at Wilsden, 29-06-2005 @ 1920hr – NO chance – Wind: ESE F2, Temp: 13 dp 13. Visiblility: 150m – has been like this for much of day here. Cloud: FOG. Pressure 1007 and still falling.



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