Monday, August 15, 2005

Canada Geese in August.

Hi Brian et al
Great interest in your record yesterday 14th August.

""an unusually high count of Canadas with 103 coming in from the > E and landing on the water and in the fields. These were,nt like the usual resident birds which are reasonably tame, instead they were very mobile, moving from one dam to the other and into the fields with the least disturbance.""

My Canadas (51) at the watchpoint yesterday afternoon, were just the same, very jittery and wary, always moving in a tight group or line of geese close together, with frequent head pumping and as you say very different temperament to the few birds (about eleven here) that have stayed nearby since the summer with the young birds. Also we had a group flying SW past the watchpoint yesterday morning.

For those interested and not knowing, there are at least two things happening locally with the Canadas at this time of year. Firstly the moulters are beginning to return from Scotland, with the 17th August, being a good early date for Beauly Firth ringed birds to be back in Yorkshire, but with the main return being ten days to either side of 1st September, so our influx now is right on cue!! Also by / during early August there are records of birds from high ground sites commuting to the lower waters.

So any counts of Canada influx, flight directions / movement will be very interesting, even flying birds on unusual routes, especially to see how and at what time of day they move at this time of year. Somebody must be seeing Canadas?

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