Saturday, October 15, 2005

Paul Clough 15-10-2005

Thanks for that Phil, certainly hope that we don’t get a rerun tomorrow of this morning. Howard seems to think the forecast he has heard is for better, but I havent checked yet. Like you, we had another go this afternoon and likewise had a good few Redwings heading SW and S. Here we were almost on top of the fog. Report will follow later. Dave.
PS. Would be interested to know if you can see any vis happening on the coast tomorrow. Dave.
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Hi Dave,
Like you I abandoned it this morning with little reward. Had a look in the Clough for half an hour [15:30 - 16:00], nothing in it but total of 150+ Redwing heading South in three flocks. More interesting was a flock of 30 + Redpoll sp also south. I know there were a few Mealey Redpoll arriving on the coast yesterday. I was at Filey yesterday and while you had good Thrush numbers, there was little sign of Thrush movement there. I`ll be back at the coast tomorrow and unfortunately the forecast doesn`t look good for "visible" migration locally.Good Luck


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