Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Watchpoint 26-10-2005

Members only watchpoint 26-10-2005
Wednesday 26th October 2005
0755 – 1130hr (JS)

News from John at the watchpoint:
Thrushes were without doubt the birds of the day, swarming through in waves of 100+, both when I arrived and upon leaving. Just wouldent have thought there could have been so many!! Nearly all were coming past level and fairly low, or at least the ones that I counted were. Only the close ones were counted as they demanded full attention – all of the many many distant ones just got away!! John took some videos of the thrushes going past. Has anyone in the Bradford area got facility to convert video into DVD if this can be done?

Fieldfare 2700 + all of the distant ones > S and W
Redwing 1400 + all of the distant ones > S and W
Starling 66 > NW
Woodpigeon 530 > S
Albas 22 > S and W
Meadow Pipit 124 > S
Snipe 2
Finch sp incl Brambling 271 > S
Lapwing 33 > S



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