Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Watchpoint 27-12-2005 eve

Members only watchpoint
Tuesday 27th December 2005
1520 - 1620hr (DCB, PC)
Weather and Sky:
A changeable afternoon with initially open sky and sunshine, then a very heavy snow shower, retreating to give open sky and sub zero temperatures. Sky a mixture of fire and ice with tremendous sunset followed by deep winter cold. Wind: NE F2. Temp: -0 initially dropping swiftly to –2 at departure - almost dark. Precipitation: Very heavy snow shower late pm making roads treacherous. Visibility: 20km outside of snow fall. Cloud: cumulonimbus 8ok > cu fractus 2ok. Pressure: steady up to c lunch time, then beginning to fall with 1018hpa by 1600hr.

Gull roost several thousand strong with masses of pre roost moving on north (Chelker / Grimwith direction) well before close of roost. Many fewer large gulls this afternoon. Again more Common Gulls than Black headed. No passerines seen or heard in bitterly cold conditions following recent snow.
or click on "Skyscape Yorkshire" link above the "Visible Migration" logo for additional sky photos.


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