Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Glovershaw 30-08-2006


Rather grey and overcast this morning, but much less windy than previous days. My usual walk took in the Glen Road, moorland fringes and the rough pastures around Golcar Farm. My initial inclination was to think that it was a quiet morning and the enjoyment of the walk and fresh air would suffice, but as is usual it didn't quite turn out like that. A female Kestrel was hunting over the Golf Course fringe, and a noisy group of 20 or so Meadow Pipits were making the most of feeding opportunites alongside the 'running track'. I checked the trees around Golcar Farm for the Spotted Flycatchers and sure enough they are still present. I first saw them on 8th August and still they remain, having given no indication of breeding. I walked back over the meadow towards the Glen Road and it was here that I was considerably cheered by the sight of Wheatears. A count of eight birds, feeding close to the fences and walls was consistant with what I had seen two days previously. Were they the same birds I was thinking as I stepped forward and immediately flushed six Grey Partridge.

Paul King.


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