Saturday, September 02, 2006

Oxenhope 02-09-2006

Members Only Watchpoint 02-09-2006
Saturday 2nd September 2006
0715 – 1015hr. DCB,CK,BV,MD,SJ
Weather and Sky:
A rapidly deteriorating morning, initially with some open sky to the east but soon overdrawing with rain to follow. SSW F3 increasing S F5, 13degC, Flasby Fells / Drax max, initially stratocumulus, fractus with high stratus becoming nimbostratus 8ok. 1006 falling 1003 (993 by 1445hr).

A poor morning with few birds but all movement very determined, no blogging whatsoever. A steady trickle in small numbers throughout but with more Swallows and mipits towards the end. Light rain by 0830, moderate rain by 1000hrs.

Moving Birds:

Mipit 59 > W
Swallow 16 > S and W
Grey Wag 1 > W
Sand Martin 2 > W
Rook 2 > S
Chaffinch 2 > W

Whinchat 3 on Sentry Hill



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