Friday, November 03, 2006

Caldene Fields Watchpoint 03-11-2006

3rd of November 06 watch 07.15 - 0.7.45

Weather: Dry 10% cloud giving clear skies, temp 6c with a hint of F2W wind. Visibility beyond 3 miles.

Comments: Birds still pouring through here like yesterday. A 30 minute watch produced another excellent movement of Wood pigeon and like the previous days the majority were to the east of Caldene Fields. In addition Fieldfare were also moving directly over the middle of the fields. There was also a very good movement of Black Headed Gull moving south – sadly these were not counted.

Wood Pigeon > 668+ S/S/W
Fieldfare > 194 W/N/W
Starling > 28 N/W



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