Friday, July 06, 2007

Wheatear 05-07-2007 and Glovershaw 2007

Good one Shaun
It will at least be dispursal.... This wet weather will I think induce a lot of early movement??Dave

PS I will post this string of mails on the web, so folks know what we will be doing when the season starts.


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That's fine David.
Here's an early record for you to consider for viz mig. Today at Gill Beck on Barden Moor I had a juvenile Wheatear. It was on its own feeding in an area that had been burned off this spring leaving it barren soil amongst the black twigs. I do not think this bird has bred there as the habitat is unsuitable, no rabbit holes or boulders/ walls. There are some fairly nearby though. No adults with it, so probably the first sign of movement? What do you think?


From: "David Barker"
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Subject: Re: viz mig
Hi Shaun Yes please.... Totals with start and end times would I think be best for the web page. If you should get any big rushes then a 15 min breakdown would be interesting to show just how many birds move through in what part of the morning, but not as a general rule. If you were to set your counts out to match the others I put on then i could faithfully cut and paste your results on to the web page to match all of the rest. Have just had 1/2 hour out locally in Wilsden and as expected Swifts are on the move here after the rain.

Best Wishes


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Subject: viz mig
Hello David
Starting from August, I intend to do viz migging, not at Paul Clough, but return to Glovershaw/ Birch Close area. Do you want any data of my sightings this year and if so in what form? I can record you sightings for every 15 mins, or hourly, or total, whichever is more useful. Having retired I expect to get out more often this autumn but stay local. Rod and Brian were covering Paul Clough last year.



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