Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Caldene Fields Watchpoint 30-09-2008

Caldene Fields Watchpoint

30th September 08 Watch 07.00 – 08.15
Weather: A damp overcast start to the morning with an F2/3 westerly wind and a temp of 1c warmer than yesterday at 9c. Around 07.45 there was persistent light rain till the end of the watch.

Comments: An awful watch with little movement in fact not a single genuine moving Mipit was noted ! The only thing of interest was a party of 20 Canada Geese which flew in low from the west and were probably local birds but instead of settling at local ponds they gained height and flew off well into the distance in an easterly direction.

Black Headed Gull > 8 S/S/W
Common Gull > 1 S
Canada Goose > 20 E
Alba Wagtail > 3/SS/W
Starling > 17 S/W
Carrion Crow > 3S
Chaffinch > 2 S/S/W
Greenfinch > 8 S/W
Goldfinch > 7 S



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