Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oxenhope.... moors still under snow! 27-02-2010

Acres of Ice!... (c) 2010

The future is bleak!... (c) 2010

A Little Thaw... (c) 2010

The Western in-byes and Moors beyond... (c) 2010

The Dark and Dismal Valley.... from the "snow" line (c) 2010

ENE F2, -1degC, 4000m, 9/8 fog startus, light snow, QNH 993 falling
The moors once again under snow and initially freezing keen. A promising start but terminated with sky soon overdrawing from the south and fog stratus coming down. Despite the conditions some movement observed with two groups of Lapwings going northwest, several moderate sqadrons of starlings moving both high and low east, a Skylark west. A small skein of Canadas passed west presumeably coming back to the moors and at the gate on the way out 33 pinks also went that way.... there might have been more but the bitter cold was biting and with the temperature rising albeit slightly the fogs were extending down fom the tops.
Moving Birds:
Lapwing 56 > NW
Starling 41 > E
Skylark 1 > W
Canada 21 > W
Pinkfeet 33 > W
All in all in view of the conditions a satisfactory count for early spring!


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