Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oxenhope... lessers win the day! 16-05-2010 pm

Common Gull (1 W/S) going W... (c) 2010

LBBGulls going for it... all NW.... (c) 2010

Black headed Gull.... scarce here at this time if year!... (c) 2010

Bath time for Curlews.... (c) 2010
WNW F3, 13degC, 65km, 3/8, QNH 1016 rising
1500 - 1730hr
Despite the ash cloud (I say in jest) as contrails were absent!...Lessers still going for it with packs of up to 19 out over Airedale and high over Calderdale all trucking gently NW into the wind. An adult BH Gull, scarce here at this time of year came in from the east and alighted before moving off also NW. A Common Gull did the same. Swifts and Swallows were in the sky and on the move in small numbers.
Moving Birds:
LBB Gull 77 > NW
Swift 18 > N
BH Gull 1 > NW
Common Gull 1 > NW
Swallow 15 > NW


84 Lesser Black Back Gull counted on water at Redcar Tarn just across the valley this afternoon.

Alan Trem


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