Saturday, July 03, 2010

Oxenhope... curlew roost drops! 03-07-2010

Common Gull.... first ad of the season!... (c) 2010

Curlews.... still masses!... (c) 2010

The "pink" and the "yellow"... (c) 2010

The "watchpoint" today.... (c) 2010

Twite fodder!... (c) 2010

The sun goes in!.... (c) 2010

Herring Gull.... (c) 2010

Edge of Dark!... (c) 2010

W F3, 15degC, 500m improving 20km, 8/8 reducing 6/8, QNH 1016 rising
0705 - 1130hr
Low scud soon clearing to give reasonable visibility with small numbers of Swift moving west from the word go. Swallows also seeming more directionally mobile with numbers of young birds on the wing. Curlews still abundant in the area and flocks of BH Gull of up to 25 coming in from the north. The first Common Gull (ad) of the year went through.
Moving birds:
LBB Gull 304
BH Gull 174
Common Gull 2
Swift 363 > W
Swallow 21 > SE
Yellow Legged Gull 1 > NW
Herring Gull 1 > NW
Oystercatcher 3
Curlew 9 > W
Redshank 1 > SW
Skylark 3 > W
Lf intermedius 3
Curlew 26+
Linnet 36
Goldfinch 21
W F4/5 becoming CALM at dusk, 20degC, 65km, 3/8, QNH 1019 rising
1600 - 2220hr
Gulls constantly moving in the sky with a good turn over throughout. Four Little Ringed Plovers dropped in, 13 Curlews went west and Swifts continuing to filter west. Whilst 54 Curlews were in one of the fields early evening, the Curlew roost had dropped by a third to 65 seen. Interestingly whilst typing this at home tonight two migrant Curlew flocks over west, heard through the open kitchen door in the calm skies at 2305 and 2325hr so a good bit of activity taking place.
Moving birds:
LBB Gull 506
BH Gull 111
Swift 445 > W
Curlew 13 > W
Dunlin 1
LR Plover 4 > SE
Herring Gull 1
Curlew 65


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