Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Addingham.... black redstart... another! 03-08-2010

Went walking on the edge of Rombalds Moor above Addingham, down towards Ilkley and back via Addingham Moorside. The weather originally was calm but as I trudged back, a strong westerley was constantly blowing in my face. There was no chance for Spotted Fly in these conditions. I noticed a bird perched at the entrance of a tumbled down building (made out of wooden strips with a metal roof). There was a disorderly woodpile at the entrance and the Black Redstart was on it, with quivering tail. Unfortunately, it flew back into the shed so I waited for it to reappear. It didn't so I examined the back of the shed and found huge gaps that a race horse could get out of! After scanning walls, rooftops, farm equipment and farmyards, I gave up but feel lucky to have seen the same species on two day's running. Called in at Whetstone and on the brink of the hill saw 2 juv Whinchat.

Shaun Radcliffe


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