Saturday, May 28, 2005

Watchpoint 28-05-2005

Members only watchpoint 28-05-2005
Saturday 28th May 2005
1620 - 1754hr
Weather and Sky:
A very windy day, worsening rather than improving here. Wind: W F6 gusting F7. Temp: 15 dp 7. Visibility: Ingleborough NNW, Drax E. Cloud: Stratocumulus 6ok breaking cu mediocris 4ok and continuing to reduce during early evening cu humilis 2ok. Pressure: rising quickly during the day currently 1011.

Visit left as late as possible today in hope of reducing wind, but not to be. No real movement noted? Several post breeding Starling mobs, each of 100+, were frequenting both the in-bye and plantation. Around a total of ten Lesser black backs were noted struggling west into the winds and a procession of several Carrion Crows were noted to be leaving the moors? going north. And that’s it!

Birds in the sky:

Starling, several hundred
Lesser black back Gull 10
Carrion Crow.


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