Monday, May 30, 2005

Watchpoint 30-05-2005

Members only watchpoint 30-05-2005
Monday 30th May 2005
1440 - 1615hr
Weather and Sky:
A fair weather afternoon, following a similar morning. Wind: initially NW F3, becoming W F5 by 1500hr. Temp: 15 dp 6. Visibility: Leck Fells / Humber Bridge. Cloud: initially cu mediocris 4ok, becoming 6ok stratocumulus, then reducing cu humilis 2ok. Pressure: rising slowly 1022.

Similar species and structure to last few days but generally many fewer.

Birds in the sky:
Swift 19 > NW
Lesser black backed Gull 6 > NW
Goldfinch 2 > W

Rook c60
Starling c525
Carrion Crow


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