Friday, July 01, 2005

Swifts this week and thunderstorms

Swifts this last week.
As possibly expected we weren’t the only ones here in Bradford to have the weather related Swift move earlier this week. Here is a link to the Lancaster and District Birdwatching Society website where they were reporting similar to what we were getting when the Swifts were on the move:

Choose to view the latest sightings and then select the thread "Swifts, Freehold".

Some interesting stuff there and especially the record of 100 per hour, almost exact match to my 77 in 45mins at the same time and going the same way but a good few miles apart! Must at least support a broad front move in these conditions? One point I might add is that due to obstruction by buildings and the like at home I was only watching about a quarter of the sky, which would not have been the case on the moor. Also very interesting that the Lancaster colonies were evacuated with a quick return. Unfortunately I have no info re any activities at colonies here…. Can anyone who watches or has Swift colonies in Bradford give any info?? But I can say, tonight (30-06-2005) I have checked outside several times since coming home and there are very few Swifts about although the few I have seen (only about 10) have been going fairly low into the W F4 wind. Now at 2045hr there are many more about and still all working west. It will be interesting to see whether we get the same match with Lancaster at the next weather related move.

Here are some links which might aid future Swift watching in their weather related moves! especially as the season wears on, which I intend to install on the Bradford vis page with the other weather links when I have a minute.

Last 6 hrs of UK Lightning

Last 30 mins UK Lightning

Live Lightning Activity

Last 30mins of European Lightning

Last 6hrs of European Lightning

Did anyone else in Bradford notice the Swifts on the move??


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