Saturday, October 15, 2005

Watchpoint 15-10-2005

Members only watchpoint 15-10-2005 pm
Saturday 15th October 2005
1400 - 1630hr (DCB, HC)
Weather and Sky:
An improving afternoon with bright skies and some sun over the Keighley area but still 7/8 cloud cover and poor visibility over the South Pennine moors. Wind: SE F3. Temp: 15. Visibility: 2000 – 3000m max. Cloud: stratus 7ok. Pressure: 1028hpa – starting to fall off since morning.

A second bite today! Almost on top of the fog at times with periods of good vertical visibility through to open sky. Redwings constantly on the move with biggest parties of 300 and 120 going south-west together with lots of smaller groups. At first the most of the thrush movement was to the south-west, but during the last hour all was due south. As usual with Redwings on the move, more groups were heard than seen and counted. If visibility had been clear, the range of the count could have been greatly increased.

Redwing 866 > S and SW
Fieldfare 3 > S
Golden Plover 3 > S
Lapwing 8 > S
Black headed Gull 215 > S
Chaffinch 21 > S and W
Linnet 2 > S
Wigeon 2
Snipe 2 > S
Meadow Pipit 7 > S and SE
Skylark 1
Woodpigeon 1 > E
Starling 54 > W

Total: 1184 individuals, 13 species, 2:30 hours

(From this mornings count
Total: 58 individuals, 5 species, 2:25 hours)



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