Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Caldene Fields Watchpoint 18-10-2006

18th of October 06 watch 0.7.15 – 09.15
Weather: An overcast dry start to the morning, 70% cloud with thinner brighter conditions to the S/E. Temp 10c, F1 S wind with visibility to 1½ miles reducing to ½ mile at 08.20 onwards when cloud increased to 100% cover.

Comments: A very good watch only spoiled by low cloud cover around 8.20am. Prior to this good numbers of birds could be seen moving through the site with Cormorant( uncommon here) recorded and Shoveler a site first. What was interesting was when the cloud increased and the ‘Window was shut’ movement was I’m sure still in progress, but very few birds were seen.

Cormorant >7N/W
Mallard >2S/W
Shoveler >3E
Lapwing >2E
Black Headed Gull > 46S – 9>W
Wood Pigeon > 109 S/S/W + 25N/W
Stock Dove > 2 N/W
Meadow Pipit > 13S
Pied Wagtail > 2E – 15S
Redwing > 316 S/W - 4S/E
Starling >237>S/S/W – 32 N/W
Jackdaw > 7S – 2E
Carrion Crow >6 N/W – 1E
Chaffinch > 6S + 4N/W
Greenfinch > 43>N/W - 3S/W
Goldfinch > 10S
Redpoll >1S



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