Sunday, November 05, 2006

Scar House 05-11-2006

Today was very poor with the strong head wind causing a lot of 'u-turning' at the dam. I stayed 07.30-9.00. 6/8 cloud, WSW 6.

Woodpig 97 U-turners - all off E eventually.
Merlin1, Buzzard 2, Red grouse 30+ all probably local birds( obviously the Grouse!!).
Fieldfare 75 WNW.
Redwing 30 W
Greenfinch 2w
Starling 45 W
Redpoll 1W
Siskin 10 u-turners
Blackbid 2 u-turners.

Incidentally u-turners aren't just birds drifting around in the tree below the dam, they are birds that set off high over the moor/reservoir before turning back.

All the best
Andrew Hanby


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