Saturday, November 03, 2007

Norr Hill Wilsden 03-11-2007

Sunset Tonight from The Norr.... makes up for this morning!! (c) 2007

1600 - 1715hr
NW F1, 60km, 2/8, temperature dropping.

Nothing in the sky except corvids and gulls going to roost at their respective locations and the silence was wonderful! The Hill had a late autumn feel to it and was largly devoid of birds, however six Snipe and a Woodcock were flushed from one of the roughs. All last weeks larger numbers of Skylarks had moved on with only three remaining and still frequenting the usual places. A single Meadow Pipit remaind on one of the dung covered fields and a Blackbird was alarming from the scrub at dusk. Interesting that the Skylarks have a much softer call at the edge of dark.

Snipe 6
Woodcock 1
Skylark 3
Meadow Pipit 1
Blackbird 1



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