Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oxenhope... on the way out! 17-01-2010

W F4, 4 rising 5degC, 500m - 45km, 8-4ok, QNH 1012 rising

A damp and mainly misty morning on the moor but with a glimmer of hope induced by the thaw albeit slow with the snow on the way out. At c1000ft fields are clear of snow excepting considerable accumulations behind the walls but at c1300ft still 80% diminishing snow cover inplaces still quite deep. No spring birds in evidence yet on the moor but 5 smallish flocks of Fieldfare going back north were interesting... possibly relocating after the freeze. Still few gulls in the sky over the moor but the thawing fields seem generally well endowed with birds... not just gulls, all anxious to feed.

Moving Birds:
Fieldfare 73 > NNE



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