Thursday, June 02, 2005

Canada Geese 02-06-2005eve

Canada Geese 02-06-2005 eve
Just had two very vocal skeins of Canadas over Wilsden (2115hrs), whilst washing the car! a 25 and a 54 going high NE. This is unusual for here at any time and thus suspect these might be some of those (according to BWP, Yorkshire birds) that make their way to Inerness-shire or other moult migration locality for the summer. Again according to BWP non-breeders depart Yorkshire late April to mid May, some June, to return late August to early Sept. At least the direction is right but less certain about the time of day. Anyone know whether Canadas do journey partly by night / evening? Anyone else getting unusual Canadas?
Wind: SW F3(but only just), Cloud: 3ok, Sunset: 21:28hr.


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