Sunday, July 03, 2005

Cold Edge Dams 03-05-2005 - Wall to Wall Swifts!

Thanks for that Brian – Swifts as good as the mipits anytime!!?
Dave P.S. Going outside to see whats going over here now!!

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Cold Edge Dams 03/07/05
Early rain stopping by 0740. Blue skies, sunshine, some cloud.Winds WSW.3-4.Nothing much doing early am, apart from resident birds until 0915hrs when Swifts started pouring over on a broad front all W and WSW. Groups of up to 45 both in the scope range and low overhead. This continued until leaving at 1100hrs with a few quiet periods lasting 10 - 15 mins.

Moving birds:
SWIFT ------ 730 > WSW and W. + Probably as many again uncounted.

Queensbury pm. Swifts still coming over in good numbers all > W.


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